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A career is an individual's metaphorical "journey" through learning, work

and other aspects of life.

Age Group 3-4 yrs

3-4 year old children are old enough to be prepared for basic education that will prepare them for higher education.Our nursery programme is equipped with the best syllabus to suffice all your child’s intellectual and physical needs and prepare them to receive the future education that will be imparted to them in the right way.Preschoolers get formal schooling setup as per national educational guidelines. Understanding the age-specific concepts by actively participating in Montessori Labs ensures that their analytical abilities, probing techniques, personality and individuality are at par with the global Montessori students.We at CMPS also focus on diet of the child and make sure to give them the right diet for healthy growth and keep their physical development on course.You can also give us exceptions and additions to your child’s diet based on your child’s conditions (allergies, etc.).

Age Group 4-5 yrs

LKG or Lower Kindergarten is the initial level of education for children as LKG is the class which starts creating or changing the personality of a kid from the roots because the kids go for the first time alone in the powerful world which is full of obstacles and hurdles. LKG is the very first step in the system of education and we all know that education is a never-ending journey. Kids are sensitive and it is their first time going alone without their guardians, so it is our school staff’s responsibility to make them feel comfortable in our school environment. That is why, Cambridge has well-trained staff under supervision who is trained to treat the kids in a wonderful manner and make them learn new things by doing or arranging some playful tricks.Our school believes that guiding such a small kid who is not properly prepared to run, jump or to utter is a tough task. That is why, we plan to guide them with games and we know that extracurricular activities are at the heart of kids and if we start teaching them by using this trick, it will definitely lead to success.

Age Group 5-6 yrs

UKG stands for Upper Kindergarten. It is the next level of education and in this stage children become responsible for new things and new responsibilities and we think in UKG, kids start becoming students. UKG is the initial level that is accomplished with social behavior which is essential for a student to learn in a school and in UKG students start their own safari with a lot of things to learn on their own.UKG includes all the basic manners like how to sit in class, how to talk to the teacher and how to respond to the situation in a school manner and now the student is completely out of their kid zone.UKG syllabus is larger than LKG as the student jumps from initial level to primary level and it is quite obvious. NUMBERS, ALPHABET, POEMS and even STORIES are counted as part of their syllabus. Moreover self-confidence and self-esteem get stronger and polished in UKG.In UKG, communication of learning begins between the students and now they start talking with their friends related to studies. UKG also shows the spark of competition between students because they start understanding that a stage has come where they compete with each other.UKG has an area of development up to the highest level because in UKG a student gets trained with visual discrimination, safety rules and sense of security which is an important lesson.

Golfy Todz

When you walk a course and carry your bag, you are participating in a low-intensity workout. Tiny tots can learn to carry a small golf bag without burdening their small bodies. Also, they build muscle, get fresh air and spend time away from video games and television.

Unlike other sports, where children may incur injuries which can be serious, golf does not pose those risks. Although injury can happen, but it won’t come from your child being tackled by another child in a rough and aggressive sport.

Golf can be played with friends, family members or even solo thus making it a fun way to build relationship and memories.

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